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Girl in Blue

In one of my recent online classes, we were encouraged to get “Under the Influence”… which means taking an artist we admire and seeing how they made art, learn their story, follow in their footsteps, while adding our own brush strokes to the mix. For my assignment, I decided to make a version of Rik Wouter’s painting, “Woman in White”.  I learned a lot from his bold Fauvist strokes of color, and I completely love how she turned out.

Girl in Blue – 8 x 10 inch painting on art panel

I love being influenced by artists of the past, and even contemporary artists! While not a strict copy of his work, you can see his influence here. You can see Rik Wouter’s original painting here on Wikiart.

“Girl in Blue” is now available in my Etsy art shop, ArtcyLucy Studio.

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