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Eight Tiny Treasures

I’ve added eight more tiny tea bag portraits in my Etsy shop…some are elegant, some are quirky, but all are fun and colorful. What I like about these tiny treasures, is that they can be displayed on these cute little clip board frames, or attached to a mat board and framed, or hung somewhere in your home, to be found in unexpected places. They can even be mounted on a blank card, and sent as a gift.  They are great for people with limited space, but who still love original art. But then again, I am partial…because I love painting these tiny little portraits.

I hope you love them too.

Clicking on each image, will take you to the Etsy page for each portrait, where there will be a few more photos.

Kendell  (sold thank you!)








There are now 15 little tea bag portraits in the online art shop, and I hope to add more by the weekend.

In the meantime, you will find me in the air conditioned art room, where I will be painting more of these little tea bag treasures.


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