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Alma in Gold

I’ve been eyeing the work of Gustav Klimt again, and admiring his use of metallic gold in his paintings. I haven’t tried using gold leaf yet, but I did use my iridescent gold paint for this latest painting, inspired by Klimt’s portraits.

Alma in Gold – 9 x 12 inch acrylic painting on Ampersand art panel (SOLD, thank you!)

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Alma, a face from my imagination, just popped in from the corner of this art panel…literally, it was just a panel with black gesso on it, and I decided to try putting some of the iridescent gold on it, to see how it would react. I started from the top down…and then made a negative space for a face to appear…and then slowly, I started working on her features, and then the jewelry and the details. I really love her position on the panel…it’s like she just popped into view (which I guess she kind of did!). I am constantly inspired by artists of the past and present. I love to see what kind of materials they used, and what patterns they were attracted to, and what color combinations they put in their paintings. I have never seen a Klimt painting in real life, but I bet the gold in his portraits just shimmered beautifully!

I took this photo with the flash on…so you could see the metallic shine surrounding Alma.

There is even a glint of gold in her eyes.

I have a few more portraits coming up with some gold accents on them. But nothing quite as dramatic as this one! But they are all very Klimt-esque. I will be back soon to share those with you.




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