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The Three Sides of Frida

I’ve been studying the art and life of Frida Kahlo this week, thanks to the online workshop, Studying Under the Masters 2, and artist, Jane Davenport. While most of Frida’s work is difficult for me to look at, because they are full of the pain and trials she faced in her life, I do admire her tenacity for creating art, amid all her difficulties. One of the class assignments was to be inspired by Frida’s art and life, by merging her art and mine, into one unique piece of artwork. I chose to concentrate on expressing three qualities of this artist…


Strength (painting below, SOLD, thank you!)


All three paintings are 5 x 7 inch acrylic works, on Ampersand gessobord.

Frida’s signature style is unmistakeable, and it impresses me that even though she was in constant pain, she meticulously braided and added flowers to her hair, and wore decorative jewelry, shawls and dresses, in bright and beautiful colors. She inspires many women down to this day, with her style, her qualities, and her art.

Two of the three paintings inspired by Frida Kahlo, are now still available in my Etsy shop.




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