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ArtcyLucy Vintage is open for business!

Before I became a painter, I was a mixed media artist. Before that, I collected all things vintage. There is something about the ephemeral things of the past, photographs, books, postcards, and rusty objects, that just melts my heart. I’ve decided I needed to share some of my love of vintage collectibles…because I really do have quite a large collection (I really do!). So, this past week, instead of painting, I’ve been photographing and listing my vintage collectibles, and my vintage inspired art, and opened my newest online Etsy shop, ArtcyLucyVintage. SoulHeartLove3

These are the goodies you will find there…

my one of a kind assemblage story boxes, made with vintage items, and my imagination.

Vintage book cover assemblages…with lace and beeswax, and all kinds of fun things.

My original story collages…made with recycled items, like cardboard, jute string, combined with vintage items.

And plenty of vintage items that are hard to part with (I LOVE tintypes!!!)

I adore old photographs, they seem to tell a story…these tiny moments in life, caught on film.

I have quite the collection of vintage postcards too…

There is something about 110 year old handwriting and faded ink, that makes me happy…not to mention the poses!

The traveler part of me, loves these scenic views of famous places (I was here once!)

Let’s not fail to mention my love of vintage collectibles…tins with interesting titles…

vintage tools of the trade…

and vintage moonstone jewelry. 

Yes, I have a collection, that I am willing to share. Come visit me at my newest shop, ArtcyLucyVintage, or you can peruse all the fun items on my Pinterest board, Vintage Collectible and Art.


I’ll be back to painting soon!




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