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Three Petite Paintings


I seem to be painting in series of three these days. Maybe it’s because I’m the third sister, one of three girls. I’m not sure. But it is fun to paint in multiples. I painted these three graphite and gouache portraits in one evening. They are petite, approximately 4 x 6 inches each, and painted on watercolor postcard paper.




All three paintings are now available in my little art shop.

* * *

And speaking of three sisters, it seems we are all immersed in some sort of art these days. Me, with painting, and the other two, are working together in a graphic arts business called Signature Printing. They made me these perfect little business cards, for advertising my art.

This is my favorite self portrait, and I love how colorful and bright these cards turned out. The quality is great…and all I had to do was give them an image, and they did the rest! So, I’ll give them a shout out here…for all your promotional product needs, from screen printed or embroidered clothing, signs, specialty items for a special event, and more…give Signature Printing a try. I’m all for family run businesses! And sisters helping sisters!




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