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The Vintage Beauty


I am inspired by Henry Clive again, as you can see. I love this dramatic look, and had such a wonderful time painting his style, with my style.

Of course, I am not as detail oriented as he was…you will notice the earrings on his model are so much more ornate than mine, as well as the flowers on her dress. But I had SUCH fun with this portrait…I just love her classic gaze! While I was painting this, I kept thinking about how much she reminded me of my sister. So when it was done, I wrapped her up and gave her to my sister, to decorate her new home. She loved it!  And I certainly loved spending another day with Henry Clive.

Earlier in the week, I had tried my hand at this painting…his magazine cover of Aurora. Mine was painted in gouache on watercolor paper. It certainly isn’t the style I usually paint in, so it was quite an education for me to get these colors to meld together seamlessly…this one was tough! But I learned a lot, and that’s half the fun of studying under the masters of the past.





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