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Surrounded By Water Lilies


Surrounded By Water Lilies – 15 x 20 inch acrylic painting on heavyweight watercolor paper  

Just before heading into the world of Matisse, I did one more water lilies painting…but this time, I combined it with one of my favorite things…a portrait. It’s two of my favorite things together in one painting…what’s not to love???

 I worked MUCH larger in this painting than I usually do. I went from my 5 x 7 inch water lily paintings, to this one…15 x 20 inches. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun to work this large, after working in a small format. It gave me more freedom to enjoy those brush strokes. And I really love the colors in this one…so much. I hope you do too!

Surrounded By Water Lilies is now available in my online art shop.  

Tomorrow, there will be more Matisse inspired paintings…I promise!







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