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Inspired by Matisse


I am making a switch this week…from Monet to Matisse. The reason is, I’ve started an online class with Jeanne Oliver (and 8 other teachers) called Studying Under The Masters (becoming an apprentice)

Each week, the teachers will explore one artist, and we will be their “apprentice”, sitting at the feet of these painters and learning from their use of colors and brushstrokes. This week, Henri Matisse is our focus. So far, I am loving the class. One of our assignments was to copy one painting from the master artist. I chose “Zorah on the Terrace”. I love his use of perspective, and the colors here.

We were encouraged to take progressive photos of our work, which is a great idea…to see where you have started from, and all the stages a painting goes through till the end. Matisse’s painting is at the upper left. My finished piece is at the bottom right. You can click on the photo below for a larger view.

I made a quick drawing in my journal, to get the feel of the composition. Then I drew out the painting on smooth heavyweight Bristol paper, and then painted with acrylics. I loved this exercise. Artists of the past painted copies of paintings, from the artists they admired. It’s a great way to learn styles and composition, and use of color as well. I am happy to be sitting at the feet of Matisse this week…and I’m looking forward to how much I will learn from him!  

I completely agree with this thought…  

“Creativity takes courage.” ~ Henry Matisse 





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