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31 in 30

I did it! I finished my goal…with one extra painting!

Click on the image below, to see a larger view of all 31 paintings!

YES! 31 paintings in 30 days…(breathing a sigh of relief and accomplishment now)

A HUGE thank you to Leslie Saeta, for her ongoing encouragement, and keeping the excitement of painting going for the last month! We were able to post our daily paintings on her blog, along with all the other artists that participated. It was GREAT!

These paintings were completed this last week of September…



The two above are 6 x 6 inch acrylic paintings on Ampersand art panels. They are both available in my Etsy art shop.

Silent Reflection

Three By The Sea

With Expectations

These last three were completed TODAY!!!

Bearded And Beautiful

Last Bouquet of Summer

In Memory of Spring

The rest of these paintings will be varnished soon, and will go in my online shop in the next week.

I had a GRAND time painting up a storm this month! I’ve learned so much…how to use bigger brushes, and tell a story with fewer brushstrokes and details. It’s been a fun mix of landscapes, still life paintings, and portraits…even hot air balloons! My goal for October, is to concentrate on my drawing, since that was sorely neglected this month. I want to try a more abstract approach to portraits too, with a mixing of media…I have ideas I want to explore.

But first, I need to give attention to my art room…it has had a lot of use this month, and needs a good cleaning and organizing! 

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