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more ladies in gouache

I am trying out some new gouache paints that arrived this week. I am loving the feel and the look of Holbein gouache…the colors are intense, and they blend and layer so nicely!

Alexandra – 4 x 6 inch painting on watercolor paper

I have been a fan of J.D. Fergusson’s painted portraits and his use of “broken color”…so decided to try that with my new gouache colors. What can I say? I LOVE this style of painting SO much…I will have to explore it further. I love the interesting pattern and texture it creates.

Viola – 4 x 6 inch on watercolor paper

For this painting, I went back to the style of Kees van Dongen. I really love the simplicity of his paintings, and that works so well for these little gouache portraits.

This one had a mind of its own…I just kept playing with color and lines and this fun portrait showed up.

Lady Beatrice (and her very fashionable hat!) is also a 4 x 6 inch gouache painting on watercolor paper. 

All three of these petite painted portraits are now available in my little online art shop, Artcy Lucy.  If you haven’t tried gouache paints yet, I highly recommend them…and this Holbein brand is really nice!

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