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portraits a plenty

I’ve been fascinated by portraits…still. I can’t seem to get enough of them. I used to draw sketches of women from Vogue magazines when I was very young, and now, decades later, I still enjoy the art of the portrait. The only difference is now I have graduated to painting them… but it is still such a learning process. In my attempts to get looser in my painting, I played around with some gouache paint and colored pencils.

The result were little paintings that remind me of the ladies of Italian frescos…




Arianna – SOLD, thank you!

I LOVE how the background reminds me of layers of peeling paint. Notice the Italian names I gave them all? These are all 4 x 6 inch mixed media paintings on heavyweight textured paper.

And lastly, I tried something new…painting acrylic on a new surface. It’s called Multimedia ArtBoard and I love this surface to paint on! It is thicker than paper, but thinner than canvas board. It has a light texture on it, and acrylic paint seems to love it. I am very impressed so far. This is “A Portrait of Alice” on 11 x 14 inch multimedia art board. 

These are all currently available in my little online art shop…ArtcyLucy on Etsy!

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