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the change of seasons

It’s in the heart of autumn here…and the leaves are falling slowly off the trees. I love this time of year. And if I had my way, I would be painting the season right now. That’s been my love lately…Painting. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much I would love it.

Unfortunately, there are projects being done around the house, that has impeded my painting progress….so I can only DREAM about painting falling leaves. Worn out carpet, is being replaced with wood flooring…which we are installing ourselves. The project started November 10th, but a lot of preliminary work had to be done around here. There is progress…but a home improvement person I am not. I am an artist at heart. And being away from my paints and canvases, my collage supplies, and little story box assemblages is driving me crazy. I miss the act of creating.


And I miss sharing my new art with you, here. One of the last paintings I worked on, was this one…called Do You Remember?

It is based on a painting by John Everett Millais. It felt so good to be doing portraits again, and I certainly enjoyed the loose style of the brush strokes. It was a wonderful day of painting. While I am on my knees, clicking floor planks together…I remember painting, and how much I loved it. And soon, I’ll be back at it. Hopefully by the beginning of the year. By then, Winter will be upon us.

I keep reminding myself that it has been a very productive year…I’ve really grown in so many ways, and I am really enjoying this art journey. But for now, there is just a little detour, while the house (and art spaces!) are getting some much needed updating. I can say, that I am enjoying spending the time with my husband…it’s our project, and it feels good to see what our hands have accomplished…together.

I hope that November was kind to you, and that you are enjoying your December. And hopefully you are doing something a little more fun, than installing wood floors!


Meet me back here in January…so we can share a little art chat, ok?

But before you leave, check out my new blog roll on the right side…there are a whole slew of daily painters that you might want to take a look at. Their art has been inspiring me, and hopefully it will inspire you too!

This painting is available for purchase. Please email me at for pricing information. Thanks!

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