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What’s new for 2010???

I am back from a month of travel adventure…and renewed and energized to start this new decade with new art! There is no way you can travel across the globe, and remain unaltered…the experiences we had, the places we saw, the people we interacted with…all of that has left a deep impression on my heart. Travel has always inspired me, from the time I was a little girl, and this trip was no different…from the colorful streets of Barcelona, where Picasso once roamed, to the ancient structures of the pyramids of Giza…I’ve seen beauty in so many things. Between my husband and I, we took three cameras, and tried to capture the essence of the places we saw through the viewfinder. 

My goal for this year, is to be able to share those experiences with you…through my art. These are just a few of the things I’ve been working on for 2010… 


These are just a few of the new digital prints in my shop. I’ll be adding more as the week goes on. I would love it if you took a look…after all, it is so much nicer to share an adventure with friends!

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