New Art

For the love of vintage

mAngeleBy now, you all know that I have a strong love for all things vintage, right? The photographs that I can look through for (literally) hours at antique stores, old postcards, aged lace, vintage buttons…I LOVE it all, and have for a very long time, even before discovering “mixed media” or “altered art”. So imagine my glee (can I use that word? I LOVE that word!) ok…my glee, when I found out that I could combine all these “old” things that I love to collect, to create a little story…after all, I am a storyteller too!

WellTempered7These are two little altered Bingo card collages, using a few of my favorite things. They are so much fun to create, especially when I add little bits of things to them, like lace, buttons, an unexpected blue butterfly in the corner, subtle handwriting, or a tidbit from a dictionary page. I am constantly snipping little words that I find, and Well-Tempered, seemed to fit her beautifully framed face…don’t you think???

Both of these vintage lovelies, are my newest additions to the little ArtcyLucy shop.

You will find a few more things that I have added lately, such as some new digital art pieces, and some miniature canvas art. I would be so honored if you took a look! I’ve been working hard to make it a nice little online boutique…complete with a variety of original and unique art. And I have to tell you this secret….I am LOVING having a little spot to share my art!

Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower. ~ Author unknown (but wise, nonetheless)