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For the love of traveling

MapPendantsI’ve loved maps and globes ever since I can remember. Maybe it was that adventure to Greece with my Mom when I was just 12 years old, that made me fascinated with the world around me…geography, history, art…who knows. I do know that the fascination hasn’t stopped, and I am constantly picking up old maps, atlases, and geography school books whenever I see them. I use a lot of postage stamps in my collage work, as well as maps. For me, it tends to “ground” the piece, to help the story I am trying to tell, come alive.

I decided to take that love of travel just a step further, and make wearable art out of old vintage maps and book pages. What a great way to remember a special place you visited, or are longing to see. Or to remember a place where you came from. In my case, Greece is my mother’s home land, so to take that trip with her was special in many, many ways. It was part of my heritage, what makes me tick. It was a trip of a lifetime…and opened a whole new world for me. When I came home, and saw the country, Greece, on a globe…I could proudly say, “I’ve seen it for myself”…it wasn’t just a distant place I had only imagined, or read about in a book.

Three decades later, I have very vivid memories of the countries I have visited since, and each time I see them on a map or a globe, I still get that giddy feeling inside…memories flood back, and I can relive them again.

These pendants are a lot of fun to make. Recently, I created a custom pendant for a friend.  She wanted a special gift for her Mom, who loves to travel. If you would like a custom pendant for your someone special, feel free to email me, and I will do my best to make something  just for you.

In the meantime, I am pleased to offer my newest map pendants in my Etsy shop. While you are browsing, most likely I will be here creating something fun…maybe something with a map 🙂

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