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Telling Stories with Beeswax

beeswaxcollage091I am not really sure what appeals to me most about beeswax collage…but I think it might be the transparent nature of it, how the wax seems to meld and blend together all that you embed into it…from images to papers, to buttons, keys, even leaves! I love how each 4 x 4 canvas seems to come alive with a story, and stand on it’s own (with a little help from a vintage book cover!) I love how it feels in my hand, when I pick it up, and buff it with a cloth, to make it glow and shine. Collage is my favorite medium, but to combine that with the warmth of beeswax…well, it just makes me happy!

I am pleased to present two of my newest beeswax creations here. I hope you will stop by to take a look.

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