New Art

In love with postage stamps

stamppendantsI haven’t tired of them yet…these little bits of wearable art. In fact, I love being able to look through my ever growing vintage stamp collection, and pick out my favorites to put on game pieces. This is my newest batch…though I have a few more to follow. Some I made as gifts for friends, and some I am offering on my little Etsy shop.


thebutterfly2The mah jong tiles are very light, and easy to wear…at least that is what my sister says 🙂 She has a nice little collection of my art pendants, and it makes me proud to see her wearing them. She is partial to the butterfly ones, whereas I think I like the flowers better. My next batch will be ready soon, so come back to take a look. I have plans to make more “map” pendants, as I have a traveler’s heart…and I think I will try my hand at some “poetry” pendants, as I have a bit of a poet’s soul. I may even be daring enough to add some of my drawings to these little game tiles…they are like miniature canvases. The possibilites are endless….